Guinea pigs: breeds

Guinea pigs: breeds

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Guinea pigs: breeds,characteristics to observe and information for breeding. Size of the cage and the possibility of raising free-range guinea pigs at home.

When we talk aboutGuinea pigswe refer to the speciesCavia porcellus, also known as "pet guinea pig". It is a very tender rodent, with marked sociable qualities. Only rarely iguinea pigs scratch and bite and for this reason they are very common pets.

If you are considering buying aguinea pig, know that it is an animal that suffers from loneliness. Before asking yourself about Stingray available, know that it would be recommended to buy at least two copies at a time, at least so they can keep company. How long does a guinea pig live? Life expectancy improves when the animal is in company.

Cavia porcellus

This species is native to South America. It came to Europe precisely because it was appreciated as a pet even if, in the twentieth century it was widely used as a laboratory animal. The term "guinea pig" is still used today to indicate, in a generic way, a specimen used for laboratory experiments.

All theStingraythey have a pear shape, with a very short neck, almost non-existent as well as the absent tail. The limbs are very short and presentfour front fingersand only three rear fingers. The fingers are equipped withnailsand plantar pads. The nails of theguinea pigthey should be cut when too long.

The ears, always regardless ofrace, are small while the eyes are rather accentuated and of variable color: black, blue or red.

Guinea pigs: breeds

All guinea pigs have the characteristics listed above, regardless of breed. They all have the body covered with a hairy mantle but it is there lengthand structure of this mantle to determine the existence of four Stingraydistinct.

Therebreed of guinea pigthe most popular is undoubtedly the Peruvian guinea pig. Of each race, then, there are some special selections where the difference is made by the livery of the coat and the size of the specimen. The breeders, in fact, have brought forward some specimens precisely to enhance certain characteristics. According to the hair, thebreeds of guinea pigs are:


The English guinea pig is characterized by a smooth and short coat. It is generally called "short-haired guinea pig" or "short-haired guinea pig". The hair, in fact, is only 3 or 4 cm long. This specimen is recommended for those who want to raise a free guinea pig at home.

Peruvian guinea pig

The Peruvian guinea pig has a hairlong. The length of the hair of thePeruvian guinea pigit can even exceed 10 cm. For this reason, the breeding ofPeruvian guinea pigit is only recommended for those who have a lot of time to devote to their pet. The hair must be cleaned and brushed for hygienic reasons and above all to safeguard the health of the pet.


Thisvariety of guinea pighas a hairsemi-long, with a length that is around 5-7 cm, has a hair with an intermediate length between the first two mentioned (Peruvian and English guinea pig). ThereAbyssinian guinea pigit is very popular because in some areas the length of the hair is such as to make the animal look disheveled!

Naked or hairless guinea pig

If the English guinea pig is known asshort-haired guinea pig, there is also a varietynaked. It goes without saying that, due to the lack of hair, this guinea pig is not very common and appreciated. On his body the amount of hair is scarce or absent and so he shows up with a pink skin.

Colored guinea pigs

THEcolorsof thecloakare: white, black and brown. There areGuinea pigs“Unicolor” that is with a solid color coat (completely white, black or completely brown) or with colors associated with each other to form particular sizes.

How long does a guinea pig live?

Let's go back to the question aboutlife span of guinea pigs. As stated, life expectancies vary a lot according to the conditions of maintenance, dedicated care and even nutrition.

How long does a guinea pig live?
The average life span of this animal is estimated between 7 and 8 years.

Cage dimensions for guinea pigs

The guinea pig is not agile, it does not jump or climb ... but despite this, its cage must allow it good mobility and above all good growth.

For a single specimen the surface of the cage must be ofat least60-70 square cmthe surface must be increased by 30% for each added specimen.

Example, if the cage for a single specimen is 70 cm, for onepair of guinea pigsthe minimum dimensions must be 90 cm.

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