Where to buy a cooking thermometer

Where to buy a cooking thermometer

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Where to buy a cooking thermometerand which one to choose? A practical guide and instructions on how to use and where to find a good onekitchen thermometer.

Measure the temperature of food in the kitchen it means preparing dishes with more accuracy, tastier and allows us not to waste an energy surplus by unnecessarily prolonging cooking.

Where to buy a cooking thermometer? To buy a kitchen thermometer you can go to retailers such as Ikea, Happy Casa, specialized shops…. or, to have a wider range of choice, you can take advantage of the online purchase and choose from one of the many kitchen thermometers (professional or not) on the market.

Here are some examples, let's start with the classic kitchen thermometers and then move on to the most innovative laser thermometers, very useful for the food temperature measurement, water and objects. THE laser thermometersIn addition to being appreciated in the kitchen, they are also very useful in construction and in the mechanical sector (to measure the temperature of the radiator, heat bridges, solar panel hot spots…).

Kitchen thermometer: where to buy

THEkitchen thermometersthey are now everywhere. From the supermarket to the home shop, they are very popular and easy to find. It is not necessary to choose aprofessional kitchen thermometerto get the correct reading. IS

Betweenkitchen thermometerson the market those with laser reading are the instruments that leave a greater margin of error, while with iprobe thermometersreading is more reliable. For those who prefer online shopping, here are some of the cheapest models on the market.

Classic model TFA
Price: € 9.70 with free shipping
Measure from a minimum of 20 ° up to a maximum of 300 °
Thermometer to measure the temperature of food, particularly useful for measuring the temperature of the frying oil: equipped with a hook that allows you to hang the thermometer along the edge of the pan so that the probe is able to detect the temperature and launch it on the analog display as it rises.

Digiflex with digital display
Price: 6.99 euros with free shipping
Just like the previous one, this is also a probe model. Its range goes from -50 ° C to + 300 ° so it can measure the temperature of both cold and hot food. The kitchen thermometer it is 23 cm long so there is no risk of burning your fingers during measurements. The probe is made of stainless steel and measures 14.5 cm. The kitchen thermometer in question is visible in the photo above, has an LCD display that projects the detected temperatures.

With laser reading technology
Price: 19.99 euros with free shipping
Its range goes from -50 ° C to + 550 ° C. It can measure the temperature of any mass, from food to the hob. This thermometer it can be used in different areas, in the kitchen it is particularly useful for detecting the temperature of food but also of plates, electric oven and wood-burning oven, also useful for cooking pizza. Thiskitchen thermometer is useful asoven thermometerorwood oven. The high temperature diffused in the closed environment (such as the cooking chamber of the oven) can cause large margins of error if you do not space the pointer well. When measuring the temperature of roasts or other oven dishes, the laser pointer of the thermometer should be kept at a distance of 28-30 cm from the food.

After the purchase, the seller will send the user manual in Italian by e-mail. The only aspect to keep in mind is that you shouldn't overdo the distance. The thermometer it is accurate if kept at a distance between 10 and 30 cm.

How to use it as an oven thermometer or wood oven

To complete the temperature measurement, simply point the pointer at the food or water or object to "measure" and then squeeze the trigger and wait a few seconds for the display to show the detected temperature. When the sensor detects a temperature higher than the maximum (well 550 ° C) the word HI will appear. When the measurement is for cold food with a temperature below -50 ° C (unlikely in daily home practice), the display will show LO.

Regardless of the model, theinfrared cooking thermometerwith laser pointer is the best for detecting the temperature of food cooked in the oven.

The ideal cooking temperatures

Thanks to the thermometer you can detect the optimal cooking temperature. For meat, the doneness ranges fromwell cooked until blood. Let's see the cooking temperatures that your thermometer should detect in case of cooking:

  • Veal: 77 ° C for well-done meat. Up to 63 ° C for rare meat.
  • Beef: 77 ° C well done, here too the temperature of the rare cooking is 63 ° C.
  • Pork: 77 ° C well done, 71 ° C for a more delicate cooking.
  • Fish: 63 ° C.
  • Turkey meat: 74 ° C.
  • Chicken: 74 ° C.

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