Types of caviar, what you should know

Types of caviar, what you should know

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What are thetypes of caviarmore valuable. Let's talk aboutsturgeon eggs, Italian caviar and Russian caviar. Red or black caviar. Here's everything you should know.

Caviar: what is it?

Thecaviarit is a food. This term indicates theeggsof different species ofsturgeon. Thesturgeon eggs, to be definedcaviar, must undergo a salting process. Thecaviarit is made up of small soft grains with a very savory flavor.

Fish roe that are not caviar

As stated, the differenttypes of caviarare obtained from the processing ofsturgeon eggs. Sturgeon eggs, however, are not the only eggs on the market that undergo the salting process.

Similar products toreal caviarI'm:

  • caviar red, even if so called, the eggs from which it derives are salmon. It would be more correct to speak ofsalmon roe.
  • Lumpfish roewhich are often called “black caviar” or “red caviar”, in fact in both cases they are artificially colored.

It is clear with the termcaviaronly thesturgeon eggs. The other terms often used areimproper, technically you should be talking aboutlumpfish roeorsalmon roe.

The lump is a fish also known as a Cicloptera. Its scientific name is Cycloptterius lumpusThelumpfish roehave a lower commercial value. Each female can lay up to 130,000 eggs (about 600 gr). Thelumpfish roeare much smaller than thecaviar. In fact, only 20,000 sturgeon eggs are enough to reach a weight of about one kg.

Sturgeon eggs

I explained to you that thecaviarI'msturgeon eggsbut there are many species. The Acipenseridae family includes 26 species ofsturgeon, some species include multiple subspecies of fish. Thecaviarit is mainly produced from the speciesAcipenser sturioorcommon sturgeon, is the most common sturgeon in Europe.

It is important to emphasize that the practice of collectingsturgeon eggsit makes life difficult for these species. The same Common Sturgeon is counted among the endangered species. Why not resort to breeding? Yes, the trade of thecaviarit also uses sturgeon breeding but this is not enough. To raise sturgeon suitable for the collection of eggs, a production cycle ranging from seven to fifteen years is required.

TheItalian caviarit is produced by the speciesAcipenser sturiowhich in our waters presents a contained development. The Italian specimens do not exceed 150 cm in length, while in other areas the species can reach a weight of 400 kg and 600 cm in length! The eggs of this sturgeon are dark in color and about 3 mm in diameter.

The Italian caviar and not only, is also produced starting from the speciesAcipenser transmontanus orwhite sturgeon.

Russian caviar

The names "caviar Russian" or "Italian caviar”Today give specific information on the type of caviar. Thecaviar of Russian sturgeon and Persian sturgeon caviar are often mixed.

In addition, in Russia, the breeding of the commonly called subspecies is widespreadSiberian sturgeon.

In Russia and in some areas of Europe, the trade of illegal caviar.

Illegal caviar comes from the sturgeon species Acipenser nudiventris and Acipenser persicus, both critically endangered. Unfortunately, the illegal trade in caviar of these species is still a reality.

Caviar: price

The average price of a jar of caviar weighing 250 grams is around $ 130.

Types of caviar

In addition to the species of derivation and the country of origin, it is possible to make a clear distinction betweentypes of caviarbased on the processing undergone bysturgeon eggs.

Thecaviarit can be distinguished in:

  • granular
  • pressed
  • with stroma

The caviarmorecheapis thatwith stroma. This caviar is obtained from sturgeon eggs not separated by the membrane that surrounds them.

Thepressed caviarit is obtained by joiningRussian sturgeon eggsand beluga eggs.

Thegranular caviarit is obtained from sturgeon eggs which are mechanically separated.

Beluga caviar

The caviarBeluga comes fromeggs of sturgeon Huso Huso, the rarest and most valuable sturgeon that gives life to the type ofcaviarmore expensive. Thelegal black beluga caviarit is very rare to find and has exorbitant prices. Only in rare Russian farms is this species successfully bred.

Vegetable caviar

With the termvegetable caviarreference is made to both caviar obtained from seaweed and alcaviarobtained from citrus fruits. For other information: vegetable caviar.

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