Woodworm treatments: which are the best

Despite the oddities that modern design offers, I suppose that pierced furniture will never be in fashion and that is why it is interesting and useful to know which are the main ones woodworm treatment. Even just for good luck, since it is the only solution to eliminate the very harmful little animals greedy of wood, even that of our furniture. Let's see how to hunt or prevent them, to avoid having to change a piece of furniture because it is devoured by these terrible worms.

Woodworm treatment: what it is

THE woodworm treatments are tricks and stratagems that are used to hunt or remove these animals from our furniture. Sometimes they even manage to prevent their arrival, it depends on how we move and also on how stubborn they are. It is not difficult to understand when it is necessary to intervene, i holes of woodworms they are very easily recognized due to their round shape.

Furthermore, the presence of woodworms is intuitive when you hear the night noise of these hungry little creatures that while we rest give themselves to big binges of wood, digging real tunnels in our furniture, without paying too much attention to the fact that they are compromising their aesthetics and structure.

If we happen to "meet" a woodworm, we can identify it quite easily, it is a reddish brown insect about 4 millimeters long, even if there are some "giant" 9 millimeters specimens, not infrequent exceptions. Each woodworm has its own life cycle, as happens with all insects, and its total duration can vary from species to species, however it remains a cycle divided into 4 phases ranging from the deposition of the eggs to the escape of the adult woodworm.

Woodworm treatments: when needed

Any quality, any color, any shape, old wood pleases the woodworm who eats it with gusto without necessarily wanting to spite us: for him it is nourishment and behaves as he sees fit to survive well throughout its life cycle. Don't think that if one wood is more beautiful than another, or more resinous, it can be saved. Woodworms attack all woods that have a certain age and it is in these circumstances that the woodworm treatment. It must be said, however, that the environment in which a certain piece of furniture is located can greatly affect a possible infestation.

We therefore take into account that the chances of being infested by woodworms increase if our furniture is placed inside fairly hot and humid environments. These little animals love to be able to work in peace so if you put on even one metronome on a piece of furniture, it may be that they leave because they want to be more relaxed. It must be said that the metronome as well as disturbing the woodworms, can also annoy those who live in the environment in which the piece of furniture to "defend" is located. If we don't hear the sound of woodworm, there is another unquestionable sign of his presence: the remains of "wood flour " remained under the furniture, in addition of course to the holes left after the flickering of the adult woodworms.

Woodworm treatments: what they are

Very often woodworm treatments is the synonym of insecticide, there are various types and in general it can be said that they are all the more effective the more they are able to penetrate deeply into the wood. There are various situations that can present a different effectiveness of the same product, for example when the furniture is stripped of paint, one has an advantage in anti-woodworm action, because the insecticide will be able to penetrate better and act more completely on the furniture itself. Alternatively you can always provide for a paint stripping, annoying, but if you need to save the furniture, you shouldn't have too many scruples.

At one time, perhaps there were also very unpleasant smelling products, but today, the latest generation ones do not have one it smells particularly unpleasant. If it is a question of quality products, at the right price, they can be applied not only to furniture "in progress" but also to those already finished without the paint being damaged or the coloring changed.

Woodworm treatments: how to use them

Let's see how to quickly apply a woodworm treatment to our furniture. Let's settle in a quiet space to be able to act on the piece of furniture and then subsequently let it rest for a few days so that the woodworm treatment bring it to completion. Attention: we make sure to operate in a well ventilated room so as not to breathe the vapors woodworm treatment. Let's bring gloves, protective goggles and a large polyethylene sheet that we can find at home or buy. These are those sheets that are also used when you proceed with the painting of the walls, we must spread it on the floor to protect it from dripping.

Once the treatment is finished we will also use it to pack the furniture making a sort of "gas chamber" for woodworms. If there is a way to disassemble the furniture, it is better, so our product can penetrate better. Also, if it is painted, the internal parts of the furniture that are not waxed must be treated particularly.

When we apply the product we must do it in the most capillary way possible, also equipped with a brush for better reach the interstices, trying to insist particularly in the areas we see already hit by the devouring power of woodworms. Once we have finished passing the product, we can wrap the piece of furniture with the cloth, sealing it hermetically and letting it rest for several days.

Although we see no signs of presence of woodworm it is good to carry out periodic anti-woodworm treatments because there are woodworms that dig inside the furniture without us noticing it, crumbling them from the inside.

Woodworm treatments: the best

There is one of the best products that are also available online this antitarlo fungicide suitable for eliminating woodworms and parasites, costs less than 10 euros and is odorless and colorless. There is also a similar price this alternative, by Novecento.

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