How to grow fennel

How to grow fennel

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How to grow fennel: advice and care to devote to the cultivation of fennel in the garden or in the pot. How to grow fennel to use it fresh in the kitchen.

With the arrival of autumn, the garden begins to be prepared for the cultivation of new plants. Among those that grow without problems in the cold months we have fennel.

Grow wild fennel and edible fennel

The fennel it is a vegetable that can be transplanted into the ground or sown. The edible part is the "heart" that is the set of its leaf sheaths which reach maturity three months after sowing.

Wild fennel and garden fennel are two varieties of the same species:Foeniculum vulgare

Wild fennel is a herbaceous plant that grows wild and popular for its seed: thefennel. The collection ofwild fennel seeds(fennel) is done at the end of autumn, when small fruits have developed from the flowers.

The harvest of wild fennel flowers begins in mid-August and continues until late September. Wild fennel is also consumed in the beards, leaves and the most tender shoots that can be harvested from spring to autumn.

How to grow fennel

There cultivation of the plant fennel it adapts very well to most terrains.

THE fennelthey can be grown as annual or biennial plants, at your choice. The variety of garden fennel grown in our country are different, to name a few:

  • Giant of Naples,
  • Big of Sicily,
  • White of Florence
  • Parma fennel,
  • Fennel of Fracchia
  • White perfection.

For those who want collect the fennel in summer, you can grow them in spring. Let's see in detail how cultivate fennel following the necessary indications.

How to grow fennel

When planting fennel, pay attention to exposure. Choose a sunny and sheltered area from the wind.How to grow fennel?

  1. Prepare a cool, well-drained soil. It will be necessary to have a good soil, previously fertilized with ammonium sulphate.
  2. In case of drought, irrigate constantly. Especially in southern Italy, make sure the soil is always a little damp to avoid getting hard fennel and therefore of poor quality.
  3. Tighten the earth around the buds very frequently, covering them up to the apex, so that they are protected from sunlight.

Hoe the soil around the plants to avoid the proliferation of weeds and aerate the soil.

When to grow fennel

When to grow fennel? There are two ideal periods for the cultivation of fennel.

  • From January to February, to grow fennel to be harvested in the summer
  • From July to October, to harvest fennel between late autumn and winter

If you decide tosowin a protected environment, the transplant will take place about one month after sowing and the harvest after the following three months. These indications are only vague: much depends on the climatic trend, the quality of the soil and irrigation.

Fennel: cultivation and care

If you buy nursery plants, to plant them, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the stick of earth
  2. Place the seedling just below the ground level
  3. Cover with soil and compact it then water with plenty of water
  4. Arrange the seedlings about 20 centimeters away from each other.

THE fennel they can be harvested about three months after sowing: you will have to bring the vegetable out of the earth with the help of a spade. Be careful not to neglect the harvest, when the plant blooms, the heartafter flowering it is no longer good.

With flowering, the plant will concentrate all its energy on supporting the flowers and producing fruit. For this reason, the reserves will be subtracted from the underground lump.

How to grow fennel in pots

Even those who do not have a garden can no longer cultivate fennel: just grow them on your terrace or balcony, they will still guarantee a good harvest.

Thejarit should have an adequate size, especially in terms of depth: each pot must be at least 30 cm deep with a diameter of at least 25 cm.


THEfennelthey should not be grown close to ruts with beans, tomatoes, cabbage and turnips. While they can be paired with peas, lettuce, chicory, cucumbers and leeks.



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