Felling of trees

Felling of trees

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When it comes totree fellinga permit issued by the municipal administration is always required. In addition, before proceeding with thekilling, it is necessary to consider the fall trajectory of the trunk or if it is necessary to continue with cuts at height. Here are all the details.

Apermission to cut down a treeand each municipality has its own bureaucratic process. How to get a tree felling permit? The criteria are the same as required by thelegislationnational.

Felling of trees: legislation

National legislation provides for the prohibition of felling and damage to trees.For this reason, beforecut down trees(even if on private land) are necessary permissions.

To obtain thetree felling permitsyou must contact the Operational Office of the Environmental and Safety Services of your municipality. The request must be completed and accompanied by documentation justifying the request.

The documents to attach to the tree felling request are:

  • Photographic documentation;
  • Planimetric indication of the position of the plant to be felled with respect to the road and buildings;
  • Brief indication of the reasons for which the killing is requested
  • Technical report signed by a qualified professional or by Service Providers in case of reasons not immediately verifiable by the attached documentation (stability, damage to underground systems, etc ...)

The request is generally required to attach the receipt for a payment of a security deposit or the "ornamental value" of the tree in question. Each municipality provides ad hoc regulations and for this it is necessary to contact the local administration.

When it is possiblecutting down a tree without permission? You can proceed tocutting down a tree without permissionwhen this:

  • It represents a danger to public or private safety
  • If itskillingit has already been the subject of a judicial sentence
  • For the adaptation of legal provisions
  • If the tree is dead

In the cases listed above it is not necessaryask for a permit for killingbut it will still be necessary to make a COMMUNICATION. In this case, the Municipality will not make any checks, nor will inspections be arranged.

The Communication must be presented with the expert opinion or report of a technician (with the professional's stamp) certifying the reason for killing. Also in this case the payment of a fee will be required.

At the costs requested by the municipality there are also fixed costs foreseen by the legislation:

  • 16 euros for the stamp duty to be attached to the request for permission or communication
  • 16 euros for issuing the authorization

In view of the storms and strong winds, it is easy to continue with thefelling of trees for reasons of public and private security, so as to prevent damage to people or things. In these circumstances, the expertise of a technician and communication is enough, without the need to request felling permits.

Tree felling: how to do it

Before proceeding independently, it is necessary to evaluate:

  • The height and diameter of the tree
  • The leaf mass of the tree
  • The slope of the land
  • Position of artifacts with respect to the tree
  • Fall trajectory of the trunk

In addition, if it is a tall tree it is not possible to proceed with the felling starting from the trunk. Even if there is no room for the fall. How you do it? There are companies that continue with cuts at high altitude so as to first eliminate the crown and part of the stem. Then they continue with the demolition of the residual trunk portion.

Instructions forcutting down a tree with the chainsaware contained in the guide articleHow to cut down a tree. You will find tips to act independently and in complete safety.

How a tree is cut down

After clearing up doubts about the legislation and tree felling permits, let's move on to the practical part with additional advice. Such advice ontree fellingthey will complement the guide - already reported - onlike cutting down a tree.

  1. It is always recommended to lighten the foliage and, when possible, shorten the height of the tree by cutting the top in advance.
  2. Felling trees is not a simple operation, get help from a professional. Who to contact? There are many companies and they will also arrange for the disposal of greenery if you do not need firewood.
  3. From the felled tree you can get a lot of firewood to use in the stove or fireplace.
  4. Before proceeding with the DIY, make sure you have all the equipment and that it is not too big a plant for the tools and skills you have.
  5. Remove the stump if you intend to plant new vegetation in place of the old felled tree.
  6. The stump and the roots of the tree - when necessary - must be removed with a tow vehicle, otherwise the trunk must be cut as low as possible.

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