Urea fertilizer

Urea fertilizer

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Urea fertilizer it is one of the many ways to fertilize, therefore to improve the properties of the soil and to nourish our plants. Often this practice is combined with fertilization to achieve different effects, including corrective or curative. Both in agriculture and in gardening, fertilizers are used to increase yield, in agriculture it is measured in quantity - and quality - of products, in gardening it also aims a lot at aesthetics.

We can find organic or chemical products, this depends on their composition, the former derive from substances already existing in nature, the others are obtained in the laboratory, from chemical reactions or industrial processes. Urea fertilizer is one very particular and appreciated substance, as well as in gardening, even in cosmetics. We also find it in moisturizers

Urea fertilizer and composition

There composition of urea fertilizer it is a special case that makes this product half chemical and half organic. A hybrid. In fact, urea is of organic origin but it is not exactly organic like other fertilizers. It is a molecule composed of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, with chemical formula is CO (NH2) 2, and is produced in the urine.

IS' rich in nitrogen, specifically, it contains the nitrogen waste of renal metabolism, and it is this element, so abundant, that makes theurea fertilizer.

Urea organic fertilizer

It is considered a product halfway between organic and organic, therefore. The urea formula reveals that it is a diamide of carbonic acid and it can also be obtained from urine as well as from other waste products. At the same time, urea fertilizer can also be obtained through chemical reactions. They are two paths that can be followed equally, often it depends on the quantity we need. In agriculture, the biological way is not always possible.

When we face theurea fertilizer it may seem to us a kind of crystalline white salt. One time in the ground it does not change its chemical and physical properties but it "limits" itself to enriching it with nitrogen for the benefit of the plants and flowers that grow there and that, with urea, will grow more rapidly.

Urea fertilizer for lawn

A less known use of urea is as a herbicide. No more fertilizer, therefore, but substance to be spread on the lawn to fight weeds and parasitic insects. We must not exaggerate, however, because there is a risk of "burning" lawns and plants.

Urea fertilizer for olive trees

Returning to urea fertilizer, it is a lot appreciated by those who grow fruit trees such as apple and olive trees. It is used in the period of vegetative growth and always sparingly, but not to save but to avoid causing damage. In the right doses, however, urea on the olive tree makes a invigorating effect both on the leaves and on the branches.

Urea fertilizer: price

We can find the urea to use as a fertilizer and manure in gardening shops or online. On Amazon, for example, 4 kg of this substance, suitable for vegetable gardens and orchards, costs 13.90 euros. It should be distributed on the ground and alone it first transforms into ammonia salts also acting as nourishment as well as a reserve.

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