Valentine's Day Green

The color of Love will also be red, but with the current times many people will pass the Valentine's day in green! Not all evils come to harm. Let's see how to optimize costs and save money ed CO2 emissions.

Valentine's Day 2013, Gift ideas
As for gifts, if we want to choose a fashionable accessory that is also eco-friendly, we must expect to spend a little bit of savings. The gift ideas they are endless and start from a minimum budget of 20 euros. From solar-powered gadgets to Ikea's renewable lamps, without forgetting all the accessories for bicycles, subscriptions to means of transport -little romantic but useful!-, card for the bike-sharing service and much more. Others gift ideas cheaper deal with do-it-yourself, from keychain to plush.

An always welcome gift is the classic organic basket. You can make a package full of zero kilometer organic products. The products do not necessarily have to have the organic brand (and be expensive), but can be found by small local producers, farmers and breeders who own a very small family-run business, find out about these realities ... they are now widespread in the city.

Valentine's Day 2013, the packaging
The gift is not experienced as such if a package is missing! For the packaging we refer you directly to the photo gallery. There are many strategies to achieve impact gift boxes (and cost!) zero.

Valentine's Day 2013, dinner
A romantic dinner can be ethical, vegan or simply zero kilometer. It is not necessary to drive miles to reach your dinner destination. An intimate dinner at home or an evening spent in a spa hotel not too far from home, could be ideal for a romantic Valentine's Day.

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