Culture is suspended? Long live the beauty!

Culture is suspended? Long live the beauty!

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If culture is temporarily suspended, at least leave us the beauty of the landscape. Here then is the Beauty Week of Legambiente (from 13 to 21 April) took the place of the traditional Culture Week, canceled by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities - temporarily - due to lack of funds. No free opening of state art sites, as was tradition, but cultural events and guided tours throughout Italy warmed by the first beautiful spring sun. Long live the beauty!

The meaning of the Beauty Week of Legambiente, born precisely as a counter-proposal of the environmental association to the - temporary - decision of the Government, explained it well Rossella Muroni, general manager of Legambiente: "Emphasize to the future government the absolute need for a turnaround with respect to the financial cuts made in recent years to culture and that of a new governance of cultural heritage".

The characteristics of a different policy for cultural and environmental heritage Legambiente underlined in its own beauty bill, which has prepared and for which it has already received the subscription of about 40 new parliamentarians and some mayors and administrators, as well as the support of about seventy personalities from the world of culture, entertainment and civil society.

Among the initiatives on the calendar, the April 16 a Naples a guide visit to the underground stations that host contemporary art installations. Always the April 16 a Florence we will visit the ancient aqueduct depot of Carraia in the subsoil of Piazzale Michelangelo: a walk in the bowels of the Tuscan capital in search of lost water.

The 18 April a Comacchio (Ferrara) at the Manifattura dei marinati, in the splendid setting of the Po delta Park, the presentation of the volume is scheduled 'The value of the soil', an opportunity to explore Legambiente's proposals to combat the overbuilding of the fertile soil of the Po valley.

The April 19 at the steel mill ofPiombino (Livorno) an event to 'rethink the city and its centuries-old history of work and productive commitment'. TOPadua on April 19 it is instead dedicated to the extraordinary visit of some monuments: the School of Charity, the Clock Tower, the Carrarese Palace, the Oratory of Santa Margherita.

Saturday April 20 toSolofra (Avellino) we will discover the history of the city passing through the Collegiate Church of San Michele Arcangelo, the Toppolo district, the Ronca, Landolfi and Sant’Agostino palaces. Also on April 20 in Solofra, in the council chamber of the town hall ofStroncone (Terni), the Stroncone Choirs will be exhibited to the public.

The April 21 toWedgeFinally, there will be a march against soil consumption, to save the remaining fertile soils and defend the part of Piedmont that has not yet been compromised by the urbanization of recent decades.

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