Suffering from vertigo: causes, symptoms and remedies

Suffering from vertigo: causes, symptoms and remedies

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Climb the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building, on a Tibetan bridge or on the top of a mountain? Suffering from vertigo it can prevent you from doing all of this or make these feats more difficult and less enjoyable because you end up not enjoying the spectacular panorama, taken by the bad feelings caused precisely by this problem.

Moreover, it is not at all easy to trace the cause, in fact the suffer from vertigo represents an enigma that cannot always be solved, many factors come into play, both physical and psychological, perennial and extemporaneous. It is complex to analyze them and predict when and how the sensation of vertigo will arrive. This does not mean that we cannot face the problem and obtain improvements, just a little patience and good will.

Of course, those who have not tried firsthand what it means suffer from vertigo he cannot fully understand the difficulties one has to deal with when trying to tackle the problem by "taking it by the horns". Similarly it happens for the panic attacks, who does not suffer from it, cannot always grasp the practical and daily complications linked to the problem.

Suffering from vertigo: meaning

When we talk about vertigo we generally refer to a certain feeling of instability that often occurs in some situations related to altitude but that do not strike a subject only in the high mountains. This is why they can affect the management of normal daily activities, even if you live in the plains. The dizziness usually occurs suddenly and cause a sense of destabilization and disorientation, they make us feel in a precarious situation even on an emotional level, not always easy to manage.

Suffering from vertigo: psychological causes

There are not alone behind this problem psychological causes but they certainly play an important role. It is not all self-suggestion, at least not always, otherwise it would be much easier not to suffer from vertigo.
What emerges from the studies investigating the emotional side of the phenomenon is that the onset of vertigo often occurs in conjunction with a lack of expression of some emotions.

Therefore, the problem is typical of people who have difficulties in bringing out their personal needs, in letting go of their expressiveness for fear that it will not be caught or worse rejected. In whom is it usual suffer from vertigo a certain rigidity may be encountered which seems to be self-imposed and which leads to denied, suppressed, repressed emotions.

There are other cases in which dizziness may appear, for example when one feels deprived of support and feels the compulsive need for the approval of others, the continuous and pressing need to be recognized as subjects in need of help. Sometimes, then, the feeling of dizziness it can also be a consequence of strong stress, it can appear at the height of a situation of strong tension.

If the cause is therefore psychological, it is good to carefully analyze the various options to then understand how to intervene and improve the situation. This is an important one introspection work and self-analysis that is not always possible to carry out on your own, I would not be surprised if you felt the need for a specialist to better orient yourself in this mix of causes and sensations in which it is not easy to distinguish the relationships between different events and symptoms. Especially when we ourselves have to challenge and question ourselves.

Suffering from vertigo: physical causes

Insecurity e self suggestion, stress and anxiety, they are not the only causes of dizziness. We also find some in the physical / medical sphere. The phenomenon can in fact also be connected to disorders related to the spine. The cervical is a classic factor triggering dizziness and then there are all the various hearing disorders, labyrinthitis, any muscle compressions sometimes also attributable to emotional tensions accumulated over time. In this, the our posture which, if incorrect, can even make us suffer from vertigo. When we sit crooked, let's think about it.

They can also play a role in the onset of vertigo some mechanical factors and in this case it will be a doctor who will have to investigate the emotional aspect linked to them through the appropriate analyzes, which are also important for ruling out more serious causes, including some cancers. Among the physical causes there are also those of a dental type, in fact, for those suffering from vertigo we recommend a amalgam control because it is possible that there is an intoxication of this kind and that they must therefore be removed.

Suffering from vertigo: symptoms

THE symptoms of vertigo they are quite well known, contrary to the causes. There is no earth under your feet, there is a feeling of instability, the head is spinning and nausea can also come, there are cases in which they also occur muscle aches.

Anyone who feels all this must not neglect the problem or surrender to live with it because it is possible to face it and above all it is important to understand what caused it because it could hide some Health problems serious on which it is necessary to intervene with specific therapies. Even if the causes are psychological, it is certainly not the case to ignore it, even in this situation there are path therapies that can lead us not to suffer from vertigo or to suffer less from it.

Suffering from vertigo: remedies

There are some "natural" practices which can be combined with those proposed by a specialist to try to improve the situation. Let's see some of them without taking them as an excuse not to see a doctor.
In case of dizziness it can do well flower therapy: among the many flowers you have to look for those that specifically act on our body and on our spirit by rebalancing the emotions and favoring the recovery of a balance.

Also homeopathy, it works very well, both when the causes are physical and when they are emotional. There are those who have achieved good results by undergoing osteopathy and manipulation sessions, techniques that are useful for realignment at the muscle / skeletal level and to relieve tension stressogenic derivation.

Among the recommended sports we find Pilates and Yoga because they would seem to facilitate the stretching and relaxation of the muscles and the dispersion of stagnant negative energies at the base of mental and physical rigidity.

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