Kerosene: what is it for

Kerosene: what is it for

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Thekeroseneit is a liquid fuel widely used for foodstoves, lamps and military vehicles. Not just as a fuel, thekeroseneit is widely used in the paint and mechanical industries: it is used as a solvent, cleaning agent and lubricant. In Japan, even today, the kerosene stoves are among the most widespread.

Kerosene: what it is

It is a clear low viscosity liquid. From a chemical point of view it is composed of a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained by fractional distillation of petroleum at temperatures between 150 and 275 ° C.

The kerosene in much is known by many names:

  • aviation kerosene(because it is used as a fuel for aviation)
  • Paraffin oil (dissolves waxes and paraffin)
  • Lamping oil
  • Lamp oil (because it is used as a fuel for lamps)
  • Stove oil (because it is used as a fuel for stoves)
  • White petrol (for its color)

Recall that paraffin is a waxy solid similarly obtained from crude oil. Thekeroseneit is a good solvent as it has the ability to dissolve waxes, both natural (such as beeswax) and artificial (just like paraffin).

Chemical composition

It is a compound where each molecule holds a number ranging from 10 to 16 carbon atoms. Apart from the production of kerosene, the main components of the compound are straight-chain alkanes and naphthenes (which are cycloalkanes), these compounds account for 70% of the volume. There is no shortage of aromatic hydrocarbons that do not exceed 25% of the composition (single-ring alkybenzenes and double-ring alkylnaphthalenes). Olefins do not exceed 5% (unsaturated hydrocarbons). Kerosene can have various impurities and incorporate compounds that it releases during combustion.

Flash point: is between 37 and 65 ° C.

Its temperature ofself-combustionis 220 ° C.

Thefreezing pointdepends on the "degree" of thekerosene. Kerosene marketed as motorbike, outboard and aviation fuel has a standardized freezing point of -47 ° C.

Thekerosene for stovesfreezes around -40 ° C.

Kerosene stoves

Its main use is as a fuel. It is used as a fuel for lamps, stoves, military aviation and sometimes even for small outboard engines or motorcycles.

To power thekerosene stovesa kerosene with a very low percentage of sulfur is used in order to release fewer toxins during combustion and return a cleaner burn.

Akerosene stovehow much heat does it produce?

The heat from kerosene combustion is similar to that released from burning diesel. The lowest heating value is 43.1 MJ / kg which is approximately 18,500 Btu (British thermal unit) per lb (one lb corresponds to 453 gr).

Thekerosenemost efficient is able to return a value ofheatingequal to 46.2 MJ / kg, about 19,900 Btu / lb.

In the USA, two types ofkerosene1-K and 2-K. Thekerosene1-K is the one used to power thestovesbecause it has less than 0.04% sulfur. Also in England they have carried out some classifications to market thekerosene.

The C1 class is used forlamps, theelectric kerosene stovesand camping stoves. Class C2 is used for thekerosene home heating.

In Italy for the production ofkerosene for stovesinternational standards apply.

Therekerosene stoveworks like a big onekerosene lamp. Is it convenient? Just do an analysis of thepriceof this fuel trying to make a cost / benefit ratio.

Kerosene stove: how it works

The stove works by capillarity: a fiberglass wick goes to "draw the kerosene" directly into the tank and by capillarity, transports it to the burner.

A small spark is enough to ignite the kerosene which, when burned, releases heat by radiation. The burner is not a simple hearth: it is designed to incorporate a good amount of oxygen so as to distribute the flame.

How much does a kerosene stove cost?

The cost can range from around 70 euros up to 600 euros. Much depends on the efficiency of the stove and its power. For example, onekerosene stoveefficient, with an hourly consumption of 0.080 - 0.330 liters, capable of heating an area up to 55 square meters, it costs 205 euros. The stove in question is produced by Zibro, is Made in Japan and has a thermostat with weekly regulation.

For all the information on the aforementioned stove, please refer to the Amazon page: Zibro LC 32. On the Amazon page just indicated you can see how the Zibro kerosene stove ignites and how to set the automatic ignition and shutdown schedule by choosing different (or the same ) for each day of the week.

How much does kerosene cost per liter?

Returning to the example above (the Zibro stove is 3.2 kW), it manages to offer a combustion efficiency of 99%. The price of kerosene is around € 1.5 per liter and therefore, estimating consumption becomes easy.

Kerosene: kerosene

Thekeroseneknown as "kerosene" or "white oil”Is a liquid marketed primarily as a lubricant or solvent. It is widely used by mechanics to lubricate chains and components subject to friction. Kerosene and kerosene are synonymous, the basic chemical compound is the same.

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