Selling used clothes

Selling used clothes

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At a time of change of season, or on a day when you want to do a change of pace, or when you have need money on the fly extra salary, what to do? Selling used clothes. Yes, ours, the ones we keep under the illusion of using them sooner or later on who knows what occasion while we always end up wearing the same clothes that are comfortable for us or that are required of us at work. Let's see it from a positive point of view, sell used clothes it is not a saying goodbye but a give them a second life. From the most material point of view, we get rid of bulky items around the house and we also make money. So selling used clothes pays off. It requires some time and organization, but it is a highly rewarding effort.

Selling used clothes: advantages

We have already mentioned the benefits of selling used clothes. It is a perfect practice for those who are about to face a period of decluttering because useful is combined with pleasure. Moreover, clothes are one of the elements that most often tend to accumulate with the illusion of being able to use them again sooner or later. Dressed when we were younger, clothes of different sizes from the present, clothes a little out of fashion but "since fashion is cyclical".

This is how it ends up rack up unclean quantities of clothes that are not used. Getting rid of it by earning seems like a dream but it's a reality. There are the flea markets to do this, even if in Italy they are not as swarming as abroad, there are also shops on purpose, in some cities, and occasional markets where they can be offered. The important thing is to select the garments so that are not felted or discolored but washed and ironed, without holes or tears…. in short, that they are "wearable" with dignity.

An alternative to selling is the charity, a commendable initiative for which it is important to identify one of the many serious and recognized organizations that deal with the collection and donation of clothing to those in need.
Selling used clothes online

In an increasingly 4.0 world we can sell used clothes in a 2.0 way or online. On the internet there are many sites that deal with online sale of used clothing, shoes and accessories, first of all and the most famous of all is certainly Ebay. For two decades now this virtual place has given us the possibility of buy and sell all kinds of items with a couple of clicks conveniently and quickly. Not just clothes but everything and more. So it may not be the best site to turn to if we are in the mood to sell used clothes and only used clothes. We risk not reaching our potential target.

Also online the social network Facebook has been busy designing recently Facebook Marketplace with the aim of creating a sort of "neighborhood market". In this "space" you can get in touch with other users who sell or look for all kinds of articles. It happened for some time in normal groups, today there are more specific features for making trades

Selling used clothes: app

Recent and interesting, solely and exclusively dedicated tosecond hand clothing, there is Svuotaly, an Italian startup, as the name suggests, where you can recreate your wardrobe with all the items to sell. It is necessary to dedicate yourself to this sale because very detailed forms must be filled in, with quality photos, a description of the garment that also indicates any known defects, degree of wear, size, color, brand and any information necessary to make the product interesting. There is also the possibility to exchange, not just to sell. At choice.

Note more than Svuotaly, and also active for longer, it is Depop, another made in Italy invention that also sees among its users WEB VIPs such as Chiara Ferragni, Alessia Marcuzzi and Bianca Balti. It is not reserved for them, however, on the contrary, everyone can here vsell clothes, shoes, accessories, and not only. There are many categories on Depop, such as those for sporting goods, books, miscellaneous items, technology and music. Just use the right one and the appropriate tags to be immediately found, however, and do business.

Two other interesting apps for selling used clothes come from Germany. One is called Shpock, Shop in your Pocket, “shop in your pocket”. It is very similar to Depop in terms of setting and as a type of product it is even wider but the categories are well organized. Today it works throughout Europe but items for sale are shown by default based on geo-location of the buyer. Always from nearby Germany it comes to us Rebelle, all dedicated to the sale of the vintage luxury. Here you will find mostly designer clothes but the absolute authenticity of the garments is guaranteed to buyers, thanks to a team of experts.

Selling used clothes: tips

To successfully sell used clothes, here are some tips. In general it is good to show yourself precise and transparent, always available to explain in detail what we are offering. It is also necessary that the clothes are in good condition, washed and ironed, if there is any imperfection, such as a missing button, we can fix it before offering it to the public.

If we sell online, it is good to get organized for also make photographs that enhance our garments also thanks to suitable backgrounds and a scenography that captures the attention without disturbing. It is also recommended to photograph the garment worn, to give a better idea of ​​the fit

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