Rare cats: breeds

Rare cats: breeds

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Rare cats that live far away or have peculiar characteristics, or because they are almost extinct and are struggling to reproduce in a habitat devastated by man. We are used to seeing cats in many homes, all over the world, but let's not forget that there are also rare cats that cannot be found. Some cost thousands of euros, others are priceless and not even domestic but very charming.

Rare cats

One of the rare facts that makes you smile is the flat head one. It looks like a cartoon character but it really exists. It is a big cat with a slender body and the head with a very unusual shape, 40-50 centimeters long in total, plus the tail about 15 centimeters. Given the flat head, the eyes are also arranged in a strange position, close together and forward.

This feline with the scientific name of Prionailurus planiceps he is a fish lover and goes out at night, he loves being alone but unfortunately he risks becoming extinct and there are no more than 2,500 copies.

Before discovering other rare cat breeds, let's stop and leaf through a curious volume that makes you smile but also reflect. It's a bilingual dictionary Italian-cat, cat-Italian: 180 words to learn to speak to your cat fluently. It can also be purchased on Amazon, written by Jean Cuvelier and illustrated by C. Besse (Illustrator). It is perfect for those who want to establish a relationship with their cat and improve coexistence. There are many tricks and ideas to understand how we should approach our cat and how we can interpret his behavior.

Rare and expensive cats

Among the rare cats, there is also the well-known Ashera which is rare but also “artificial". It is not a robot but a feline hybrid marketed by the US biotech company Lifestyle Pets ashypoallergenic pet. In practice it was created on purpose, by crossing the domestic cat with some wild felines such as the Bengal cat and / or the Serval, in order to have a cat to sell even to those who are allergic.

L'Ashera it can weigh up to 15 kilograms and, rare and therefore expensive, is sold at a price of $ 22,000.

Rare cats: breeds

Here is a rundown of rare cat breeds: Cat of the Andes, Cat of Pallas or steppe cat, Viverrino cat or fisherman, Sand cat, Margay or Wied cat, Black-footed cat, Chinese mountain cat or Biet's cat, African golden cat or Temminck's cat, Golden Borne cato o Bay cat, Jungle cat or swamp lynx, Flat-headed cat, Yaguarondi, Kodkod or Guiña, Geoffroy's cat and Scottish wildcat.

Let's take a closer look at some of them, the most curious, without offending the rest.The Cat of the Andesit is 70-75 cm long, plus 45 cm of tail, there are 2,500 specimens still alive and it cannot be sold because it is a protected species according to the laws of Peru. There is the Black-footed cat which, in addition to being one of the most beautiful rare cats, is the smallest species of wild cat in the world, lives in the Great Karu desert of southern Africa and risks extinction due to the poisoned baits and traps it finds, destined for other animals.

Another endangered feline is the Baio cat, also known as the golden cat of Borneo, a victim of both deforestation and poaching. Everyone wants their fur and this cat is therefore a "close to threat" breed according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Rarest cat in the world

Difficult to evaluate the rarest of all, let's take the Jungle cat which is certainly among the rarest of the rare. It is a medium-sized feline that extends between Egypt and western and central Asia, up to Sri Lanka and south-eastern Asia. It is not big, its dimensions are similar to those of our house cats.

Rare cats: opinion

Speaking of rare cats, as the owner of two cats, and always the owner of at least one of these cats, I can say with certainty that every cat is rare or at least so it likes to be defined. So if you have a cat at your feet, at home, perhaps walking on your PC keyboard like mine, never make it feel like an ordinary cat. Even if it is a european cat like mine, he feels and loves to be considered rare. And perhaps, he is right!

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