Agriculture 2.0

Agriculture 2.0

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The lack of agricultural land and the pressing phenomenon of overbuilding is forcing man to create new forms of agriculture. L'Agriculture 2.0 is a system that aims to bring agriculture to congested urban areas. It can be applied in any city following different strategies.

We talked about the cultivation of bottled gardens, of urban gardens or didactic. These could be considered forms of agriculture 2.0. An extreme example is given by vertical crops! These are crops that extend over the entire height of a building. How is it possible? With plant incubators that run the height of the building bringing the vegetation to the highest end.

The incubators are closed pools with a size that can vary from 4 to 8 square meters, these "swimming pools " have a controlled environment that regulates sunlight, collect rainwater and control the temperature and concentration of carbon dioxide.

Taking advantage of these premises, thevertical farming reached its peak with the project Appearil, which involves the construction of ad hoc towers, designed to accommodate the vertical crops. According to estimates, up to 42 kg of vegetables could be produced in a single day but it is planned to produce only "light" vegetables such as aubergines, tomatoes, lettuce and peppers.

Hypothetically, if a sufficient number of farms began to apply the principles of vertical cultivation using special axes, with each cultivated tower it could feed the residents of an area of ​​about 1.5 square kilometers at zero kilometer, that is, without the need to transport vegetables over long distances.

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