Volvo: the car charges like an electric toothbrush

Volvo: the car charges like an electric toothbrush

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L'electric carhas management costs (maintenance and fuel) far lower than the classic cars with an internal combustion engine. To put a stop to the spread ofelectric carsare the times of charging but above all, the lack of infrastructure refueling. Those who have already purchased aelectric carentered into this mechanism: connect the car to the electrical outlet to recharge it during the night so as to find the full tank and leave the house in the morning.

With the latest innovations in the field ofelectric vehicle charging, the situation is becoming increasingly convenient and will soon be able to attract an increasing number of motorists. The latest news in the field ofelectric chargingcomes from the Volvo House. It is only recently that the manufacturer is making its presence felt in the electric mobility sector: the Volvo V60 is the first hybrid car which combines electric propulsion with diesel power.

Volvo has studied a new system that uses inductive charging technology. The development of the new device ofcharging for electric vehiclesit is not even that expensive: the system uses a mechanism already seen in the charging of electric toothbrushes! The first practical application is seen with the electric version of theVolvo C30.

With inductive charging, simply place the car on a compact charging device. The device will automatically activate and start to supply electricity to recharge the car's batteries.

An inductive transmission wireless charging program has also been launched in New York City and it is not new that in Germany, Switzerland and some university campuses in the States, electric buses are recharged wirelessly at the time of the classic stops made for passengers.

Of course the inductive charging, in terms of efficiency, it does not exceed the power supply with the classic electric cable, however this convenience could entice a greater number of users to purchase aelectric car.

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