How to furnish the living room

How to furnish the living room

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Depending on the home layout, yourslounge areait can perform various functions. You canfurnish the living roominserting a pinball machine and a billiard table, so as to use it as a games room orfurnish itin a more sober way and use it for guests or relaxation ...

Usually thelounge areait is used for reading, relaxing or entertaining guests. Regardless of its purpose, eachlounge areait should have a sofa, coffee table and comfortable armchairs. The focal point of alounge areait could be a fireplace, an "entertainment center" or a big screen!

If you wantfurnish the living roomto give it a more formal look, know that adding a shelf could be a good intervention. If thelounge areais small in size, you can buy shelves with a built-in TV. If a sofa, coffee table and shelves lend thelounge areaa formal aspect, a desk and a play corner for children give thelounge areaa more lived-in look.

To add some character, you can complete thefurniturewith curtains, carpets, lamps and works of art. Before you understandhow to furnish the living room, ask yourself what function this area of ​​the house should perform.

Don't underestimate the possibility of adding a green corner to yours lounge area. Plants are an excellent decorative element and in addition they oxygenate the environment by filtering the air. On the market there are hanging pots, vertical gardens or more simply, the classic pots containing ornamental plants.

If yours lounge areais quite large, in this article we have seen in detail how to deal with:
walls and paintings
floors and carpets
lighting and lamps
mirrors, candles, wall tattoos and shelves

Among the solutions to illuminate thelounge area, it is possible to equip the room with skylights in order to maximize natural lighting and save emissions and electricity! Remember: when you make a cut in the roof of the house or in a wall to install a skylight, there is a risk of infiltration, which is why it is important to buyskylightsspecially designed to avoid leaks and continue with correct installation.

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