How to hang pictures

How to hang pictures

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To add a pinch of elegance to home furnishings, we can use paintings and paintings. If the choice of the picture leaves ample room for our tastes, we must follow standard procedures to hang it. In this regard we will illustrate you how to hang pictures without damaging the wall and without risk of falling.

How to hang pictures, what you need
1.5 cm nails for light paintings
dowels with special fuse and drill for installation in the case of heavy paintings

How to hang pictures with nails
Before hanging a painting you need to evaluate its weight to avoid nasty surprises: if it falls within two kilos, nails are enough:

Consider the right height using the meter: generally, it is flush with the eye, therefore about 1.6 / 1.7 meters

  1. Mark the precise point where to drive the nails using adhesive tape: avoid pencils or other, as they can dirty the wall
  2. Place the nail against the wall, holding it firmly with your thumb and forefinger, in an oblique position
  3. With the help of the hammer, practice regular and firm strokes so as not to bend it
  4. If you need two nails, place the level above the picture, and check that the horizontal plane of the picture is parallel to the floor
  5. Once the nail is fixed, hang up the picture

How to hang pictures with dowels
If you need to fix some anchors to hang the picture, you will need a drill: these are pictures that weigh more than two kilos

  1. Attach the suitable fuse to the drill and make a hole with a diameter smaller than that of the plug which you can then enlarge with a slightly larger bit
  2. Always keep the drill perpendicular to the wall
  3. After drilling the hole, clean it of dust and insert the plug into the hole
  4. Insert the screw in the appropriate plug then hang the picture

How to hang pictures, useful tips

  • Avoid hanging pictures above fireplaces and heat sources as heat accelerates aging
  • Also avoid walls with direct sun exposure: UV rays could ruin the picture

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