Maraschino liqueur, preparation and use

Maraschino liqueur, preparation and use

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The maraschino liqueur has its roots in Venetian Dalmatia and owes its name to the morello cherries, a variety of sour cherries of Dalmatian origins. It lends itself well to the preparation of cocktails - the Aviation cocktail is an example - or desserts, and is also used to correct fruit salads or ice cream.

Themaraschino liqueurit has a colorless appearance and a sweetish taste given by the cherry variety Prunus cerasus (commonly called visciolina or black cherry!). For conservation, once prepared, themaraschino liqueurit is placed in typical bottles which, according to tradition, are stuffed by hand.

Industrially, themaraschino liqueur, was produced for the first time in 1759 by the “Maraschino Drioli” factory. Themaraschino liqueurit was the first Dalmatian product to be exported overseas!

Cocktail based onmaraschino liqueur, the Avation cocktail
4.5 cl of gin
1.5 cl of maraschino
1.5 cl of fresh lemon juice
Black cherry to garnish

The most demanding palates can add 1.5 cl of cream of violets. The drink is prepared by filling a cocktail glass with ice (ice is added only to cool the glass). Ice (used to cool the cocktail) is placed in a shaker and the more alcoholic base (gin) is added followed bymaraschino liqueur, from any cream of violets and lemon juice. Before being served, the cocktail based onmaraschino liqueuris shaken, the cup is emptied of its ice. Pour the shaken cocktail into the glass and garnish it with a cherry (

Maraschino liqueur and black cherry jam
The preparation of the maraschino liqueurit can be combined with that of black cherry jams: to prepare themaraschino liqueura large number of black cherry kernels will be needed, while the kernels are pulped, the pulp of the black cherries can be used for the preparation of jams, jellies, ice creams, fresh pies, muffins and other sweets.

After telling every detail about the Maraschino liqueur, let's see how it is prepared.

Prepare theMaraschino, the ingredients

300 grams of black cherry kernels
1/2 liter of alcohol for food use at 90 °
400 ml of water
400 grams of sugar

Prepare the Maraschino, the equipment

  • an airtight jar with a capacity of one liter
  • a filter

For the complete procedure, consult the appropriate section at this address.

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