Unicycle, the one wheel bike!

Unicycle, the one wheel bike!

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The unicycle is a particular one one wheel bicycle. The unicycle differs from the classics bike due to the absence of various components: the frame is reduced to a minimum, the handlebar and the front wheel are missing. To drive the one wheel bike it's very difficult, you need a balance far greater than that required to ride two-wheeled pedals!

There one wheel bike it is composed by the cranks, the pedals, the fork, the tube, the saddle and the wheel! The saddle has a particular shape, is specific for unicycles, is concave and is made to help the "cyclist" find the right balance. The wheel tends to lurch forward and backward, not to mention the lateral oscillations given by the weight of the body.


Industry experts manage to pilot the one wheel bike to create perfect stunts: jump, pirouette, ride on rough walls or paths ... Unicycles, also known as "unicycles " they are less common than bicycles due to their difficulty of use, and they are also unsuitable for transporting goods, something for which the classic bicycle is perfectly suited.

The price of unicycles varies according to the model, size and materials of use. The first unicycle can be purchased for less than 100 euros, in Italy there is no shortage of retailers of one wheel bike and in our category some models with prices are listed.


How does the one wheel bike?
The single wheel is similar to that of a classic bicycle but has a special hub, made so that the axle rotates firmly around it. This means that the rotation of the cranks fixed to the axle directly controls the rotation of the wheel, which is fixed gear. The fork rests on ball bearings planted on the hub at the sides of the wheel, while the cranks are positioned at the ends of the hub.

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