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Stacking Green, the entirely green building

Stacking Green, the entirely green building

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In Saigon, Vietnam, it was inaugurated Stacking Green, a building entirely green. There vegetation it is the element that accompanies both the internal rooms and the external facade. This new house is 4 meters wide and 20 meters deep and develops in height thanks to a series of superimposed levels.

It is a structure that is entirely permeable to air and light, which significantly reduces the energy consumption which is needed to power a building of the same type.

The building also has a series of flower boxes on each level and a roof garden. It enjoys an excellent soundproofing is thermal, the air coming from outside is purified thanks to the plants.

Through a natural ventilation process, the internal temperature of the building remains constant, ensuring excellent air conditioning in both summer and winter. Furthermore, thanks to the integration ofphotovoltaic panelspositioned on the roof, the building becomes completely self-sufficient from the point of view energetic.
Externally, this building looks like a series of overlapping planters that are positioned above a series of cantilevered shelves that distort the traditional building design.

The design of contemporary architecture is characterized by a vegetation of small tropical or aquatic species, which are completely self-sufficient thanks to the presence of a vertical drip irrigation system. The water used to water the plants is that collected from rainwater, also reducing the waste of water resources.

The building is undoubtedly a green spot in the chaotic city of Saigon. The Stacking Green, the work of the architects Vo Trong Nghia, Daisuke Sanuki, Shunri Nishizawa of the Vo Trong Nghia studio was commissioned by its creators precisely to increase the city's sensitivity towards the greening of the urban landscape.

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