Hiriko, the folding electric car

Hiriko, the folding electric car

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Technology in the field of sustainable mobility it never ceases to amaze us. We used to go for a folding bike, for a car with solar panels or maybe a car that drives itself like Google's. If all this does not affect us today, we should definitely see thefolding car! Is called Hiriko, the first electric city car two-seater that can be shortened when parking.

The small one city ​​car was designed in Spain in the Basque Country, thanks also to the collaboration of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) research university. The characteristic of the small two-seater lies in the folding system that allows theelectric car to enjoy a certain spaciousness while on the move and to shorten through a mechanism that slips the rear part of the passenger compartment under the chassis, this operation reduces the length of the car during parking. On the march electric city car it measures 250 cm, while parked it measures 150 cm. L'electric car it is equipped with 4 steering wheels, in order to make parking easier.


Hiriko it can reach a maximum speed of 90 km / h with a range of about 120 km. The bodywork has a weight of approximately 700 kg. With these premises, the small electric car cannot aspire to long journeys, but without a doubt it can facilitate travel in city traffic without emitting a single gram of CO2 thanks to its compact electric motor. Not to mention the convenience of parking it. All things not to be underestimated!

As soon as the tests are completed and if no problems of any kind are found, Hiriko will be launched on the market. It is expected from the spring of 2013 for a figure of 16 thousand dollars, about 12 500 euros of the current currency. The small one ecological city car and folding is already circulating on Spanish roads. The first test phases have already started in Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Malmö, San Francisco and Hong Kong.


In the meantime, you can enjoy the practice test show in this video!

Video: Fold-Up Car of the Future - Hiriko (May 2022).


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