Three-dimensional printers and hi-tech revolution

We have already seen what a three-dimensional printer is and we know its capabilities very well. What we still can't imagine is how this technology will revolutionize the entire global market. The three-dimensional printers find applications in every sector, from scientific research to gastronomy, from mechanical engineering to the sports sector ... no industry is "safe“.

Three-dimensional printers and medicine
The most extreme example comes from researchers at Heriot-Watt University who have developed a new technology capable of treating embryonic stem cells (hESC) by le three-dimensional printers. HESCs are considered the solution to currently incurable diseases such as cancer, the team of researchers found 3D printing it could help perpetuate the vitality of stem cells. The research was published in iopscience.

Three-dimensional printers at home
Do you need a new kitchen utensil or a new snowboard? Just search for the project online (or re-build one!) And start printing! The three-dimensional printers they have no impossible costs. The most rudimentary can cost less than 500 euros, for the most "accurate" you have to exceed 2,000 euros! Thanks to a 3D printer, the Frenchman Gael Langevin managed to produce himself his humanoid, a robot with human features! The project is already online so… to reproduce it you only need a high-precision 3D printer.

Three-dimensional printers and automotive market
It has already been printed the first automobile ad high efficiency! Made up of about 40 pieces, the car is called Urbee 2 it is ultralight, snappy and good looking. So the 3D printing can turn any garage into a car manufacturing center!

Three-dimensional printers and sport
Ultralight bicycles, modular snowboards and much more ... what is needed is a healthy practical sense, a good project and a 3D printer. The first fruits have already been collected by a group of young people: read all about it at this address.

The three-dimensional printers will also play a crucial role in the energy sector, some developments have materialized in the solar industry.

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