Basil, growing in pots

Basil, growing in pots

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How to grow basil in pots: from sowing to harvest, all the care to be devoted to cultivation of basil. Curiosities on the cultivation of red basil.

Basil is one of the most used aromatic herbs in Mediterranean cuisine, its unique and pleasant aroma enhances and enhances many preparations.

It is an element that should never be missing in the kitchen and to always have it fresh and at hand, it would be an excellent idea grow basil indoors, on the balcony or on the windowsill. There cultivation of basil in pots it's a very simple procedure, here are some useful tips.

How to grow basil in pots

Here's what it takes forcultivate basil starting from the seed. The sowing of basil is very simple, with more or less rapid germination times. Here's what you need for thecultivation of basil in pots.

  • Classic basil seed sachet or red basil
  • Container (a wooden or plastic fruit box or one or more tubs of ice cream are fine ...)
  • Topsoil
  • A few terracotta pots with holes in the bottom
  • Cellophane sheet large enough to cover the bin
  • Elastic large enough to pass around the box

Don't have large spaces? Not a problem, just have a balcony or even a window. The same instructions apply to both thered basilthan for the classic green basil. The plant ofred basil, however, it can spread and exceed 60 cm in height so it will need more space for the cultivation.

How to sow basil

When to sow basil? The good period for sowing falls in the months of March, April and May, however, it can also take place in autumn or winter.

  1. Fill the fruit container or a box with soft soil for sowing.
  2. Arrange the seeds evenly on the surface and cover them with a very thin layer of soil. You can use a small bonsai rake or run your hand over the soil to loosen it and lightly bury the basil seeds.
  3. Moisten the earth thoroughly using a spray bottle.
  4. cover the box with cellophane, stopping it with a rubber band and store it in a bright but shady place.
  5. Uncover every day to eliminate condensation from the cellophane then moisten the earth and cover it with cellophane.

After a few days, when germination occurs, remove the cellophane. About twenty days later, by the time the seedlings have reached a length of 7/10 cm, proceed with the first repotting. For planting:

  1. Gently remove the seedlings, taking care to leave a small panniculus of earth around the roots.
  2. Transplant 3 or 4 seedlings for each clay pot. The pots must be filled with soil with the same procedure as above, in this case you can use fertile soil mixed with soil from the garden.
  3. After transplanting all the basil plants, water gently making sure you have soaked the earth well.
  4. Leave the pots in the sun, taking care to keep the earth constantly moist.
  5. After a month it will be possible to season the dishes with freshly picked basil grown in the home.

How to harvest basil

The leaves must be detached together with the petiole, better if this is done with a small shear. You have to remove the flower shoots. Because? It is good to regularly cut the vegetative apexes and the flowers (the tops) to grow the strongest and most luxuriant plants.

Basil must be consumed fresh, it must not be used during cooking as with the heat it quickly loses its aromatic properties.

How to grow basil indoors in the fall or winter

If the cultivation is done in a warm greenhouse or at home, you cangrow basilat any time of the year. If you meangrow basil in winter, the plant must be placed in a very bright area, it is also fine in a position close to a sunny window as long as you irrigate it every other day and have a good level of humidity: a closed environment, too dry, not only increases the risk of pest attacks and diseases but makes life more difficult for the plant.

Basil seeds and red basil

At home it is possiblecultivatethe classic aromatic basil or thered basil.

Thered basilit actually has a colorViolet. It is a very aromatic variety of basil with a particular flavor. Thered basil, like green basil, it needs mild temperatures to develop: it suffers and ceases to vegetate with temperatures below 12 ° C and, ideally,cultivationit must take place with temperatures between 20 and 25 ° C.

Thered basilrequires larger pots, therefore, for each pot, you will need to insert a single plant.

Where to buy ired basil seeds?
Thered basil(or purple basil) is difficult to find in garden centers. For the purchase you can take advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon, a sachet ofred basilyou buy at the price of 4 euros with shipping costs included. For all information on the product mentioned, I refer you to the Amazon page atthis address.

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