Mitsubishi Ca-MiEV, the electric crossover

Mitsubishi Ca-MiEV, the electric crossover

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On the occasion of Geneva Motor Show 2013, the Mitsubishi presented to the world its new crossover, the Ca-MiEV. It is an electric motorized concept that anticipates the new moves of the Japanese car manufacturer. The Mitsubishi electric crossover embodies a number of technologies and is a jewel in efficiency, design and aerodynamics.

Just a few days ago, the Japanese manufacturer released more details about its Ca-MiEV and the technologies that will characterize other Mitsubishi vehicles. Made with ultralight materials, the Mitsubishi Ca-MiEV has an engine ad high efficiency, an advanced system of regenerative braking and a resonance module for induction charging, this means that the Ca-MiEV can be recharged wirelessly, without the use of electrical sockets but using a magnetic field.

Details have been released about the electric propulsion of the vehicle, consisting of an all-in-one inverter motor with a power of 80 Kw. The electric motor will be combined with a high-density lithium-ion battery capable of guaranteeing aautonomy of about 300 km. Let's see together the technical sheet of Mitsubishi Ca-MiEV.

Mitsubishi Ca-MiEV, features
Lithium-ion batteries, 28 kWh
80 kW electric motor, equivalent to 107 hp
5 places
Wireless charging system
Autonomy up to 300 kilometers
Dimensions: with a height of 1.5 meters, a width of 1.77 meters. Length of 4 meters.
Wheelbase: 2.5 meters
Weight: 1,300 kg

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